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If you’ve been wondering how to establish a salon company in Dubai, this article may guide you through the process step by step!

Choosing to establish a beauty salon in Dubai is a wise decision since there will always be a need for this kind of service in the city. People in Dubai take great care of their appearance since they have a good quality of living and a high amount of disposable money per capita. As a consequence, salon companies perform very well in the city.

Guide to starting a Beauty Salon Business in Dubai

Get into a salon franchise, establish a fresh new salon, operate a modest salon in Bur Dubai, or build a boutique salon in Jumeirah. There are many options available to you. All you have to do is get in touch with the business professionals at Generis Global and they will help you get a salon licence in Dubai.

Dubai Mainland is an excellent location for starting a salon or barbershop company since you can attract the most number of clients possible by taking use of Dubai’s local market opportunities. A regulatory agency for all kinds of companies on Dubai Mainland, the Department of Economic Development (DED) is in charge of overseeing their operations. The government has listed some of the most important criteria for establishing a beauty salon in Dubai.

How does one go about obtaining a licence for a beauty salon in Dubai?

Investors interested in establishing a salon in the United Arab Emirates should follow the procedures outlined below in order to get a salon licence in Dubai and legitimise all of the business operations connected with the salon. The steps are as follows:

1. Submit your visa and passport for processing.

In order to begin the process of obtaining a salon licence in Dubai, you must submit certified copies of your passport and visa to the appropriate government agencies. Furthermore, you must provide to the appropriate authorities authentic copies of all of your business partners’ identification papers as well.

2. Decide on a business name.

Does your company in the United Arab Emirates have a list of names that you would want to use as your official business name? If you do not have one, you must develop one and submit it for approval to the appropriate regulatory body. When putting up a list of legal trade names for your salon company in Dubai, be sure to adhere to all of the naming standard rules.

3. Obtain the first permission of the board of directors.

Once your trade name is authorised together with the other papers that you have provided, you will receive the first approval document from the jurisdiction. Following that, you must form a partnership with an LSA (local service agent), who will assist you in obtaining a salon licence in Dubai for a minimal cost. It should be noted that this fee is separate from the cost of a salon licence in Dubai.

4. Obtain a retail space.

Because you will not be required to spend large amounts of money in buying real estate, renting a shop space in Dubai will lower the cost of starting a salon in Dubai. Maintain the leased shop’s beautiful infrastructure and ensure that it complies with the government’s mandated office space requirements for renting out space. You may get assistance from the business experts at Generis Global, who will be able to assist you with the same.

5. Submit an application for a salon licence.

Salon licence applications in Dubai may be submitted and approved within 24 hours of submission. However, if you fail to provide the necessary papers or fail to pay the applicable fees, the time frame may be extended. It’s important to note that, since this is a skill-based business, you’ll need to apply for a professional licence. Furthermore, keep your licence up to date by renewing it on a regular basis to ensure that it remains valid.

Dubai’s licencing requirements for beauty salons are as follows:

If you want to prevent future disputes, don’t ignore or omit any documentation or certification. Maintain a list of all of the gadgets and other pieces of equipment you’ll need for your salon in order to ensure that it runs well.

This checklist will make things easier for you since it is organised by subject.

A billboard is a kind of advertisement.
Adequate illumination, a sanitary seating arrangement, and long-lasting furniture
Customer seats shall not be less than 3.0 m broad and 3.5 m in length, and they should be upholstered.
Wash basin has several functions for hair washing, face treatments, and more.
Fireproofing for places that are prone to catching fire during cosmetic preparations, with a distance of 2.30 metres between the vault and the floor of your station
A geyser and a closet for storing electronic devices and other stuff
The approval of the location