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When renters want to enjoy fireworks, landlords should establish certain ground rules to ensure everyone’s safety. Learn more about rental property firework safety here.

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Can you prevent tenants from launching fireworks on your property?
Do you have a pre-Fourth of July to-do list?
What can landlords do to help renters celebrate safely?

Independence Day festivities are quickly approaching, bringing with them the possibility of accidents and fires. While most individuals take safeguards, landlords have a greater concern regarding their renters and leased property. Here are some property management measures that may assist avoid or lessen property damage and personal injury caused by 4th of July fireworks.

Can you prevent tenants from launching fireworks on your property?

There are two possible strategies to prevent tenants from setting off 4th of July fireworks on your property. The first is via your Lease Agreement, and the second is through state or municipal legislation.

Your lease may include a set of regulations, or it may relate to another set of restrictions, such as zoning or homeowners association bylaws. A lease for a multifamily house, for example, may relate to different community regulations for things like pool hours. You may have the ability to change these rules at any moment under the terms of your lease or the rules themselves. This is helpful since a fireworks clause is a rare lease term. If your contract allows you to create regulations, you may warn your renters ahead of time that fireworks are not permitted on the property.

Many local regulations and ordinances also prohibit the use of fireworks. Many renters will not put off fireworks if they are reminded. If your renters violate these rules, particularly if it creates disturbance or property damage, you may be able to evict them for unlawful conduct.

Do you have a pre-Fourth of July to-do list?

Because you never know what your renters or neighbors may do, it is a good idea to prepare your rental properties for a potential fireworks mishap. Consider the following checklist:

Ascertain that all apartments have functional smoke alarms. You should definitely utilize the Landlord Notice to Enter to examine any smoke alarms. You may also wish to update batteries or replace obsolete smoke detectors.
Check that fire extinguishers are easily accessible and are not expired. Each apartment should have a fire extinguisher, which should be affixed to the outside of multifamily units. While professional inspections are normally required for fire extinguishers, you can still check expiry dates and ensure they are in place and conveniently accessible.
Remove any dead leaves or other kindling. Remove any yard debris that might readily catch fire if struck by a spark. You might do a pre-holiday check if you depend on renters for landscaping.
Confirm that the lighting and security systems in common areas are operational. Holidays are perfect time for thieves to take advantage of everyone else’s absence. Furthermore, you do not want a renter who has had too much to drink to be injured because the lights do not function.

What can landlords do to help renters celebrate safely?

Property managers and owners may take a few extra precautions to ensure that renters have a safe trip.
Post or hand out holiday safety notices.

Consider displaying information regarding authorized and illegal fireworks, as well as emergency services phone numbers, on your property or sending alerts through normal mail or email. Local regulations, for example, may allow sparklers and tiny bottle rockets. If tenants understand what is authorized, they may choose the safer alternatives over the more harmful ones. Providing non-emergency fire and police numbers might help renters feel more at ease reporting possible threats that they do not believe are significant enough to warrant dialing 911.
Make provisions for the safe disposal of old pyrotechnics.

If you allow fireworks, or even if you don’t, be sure that any combustible items are properly disposed of. These items should be placed outside in a well labeled and strong metal garbage container. Keep the garbage can away from anything that might catch fire or burn.
Provide a specific location and time.

This involves more forethought, but it may avoid more risky usage of pyrotechnics in circumstances beyond your control. A set location and timing for fireworks will help you avoid fires and noise complaints.


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