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A lawn contract is a contract between a homeowner and a lawn care service provider.


A lawn contract is a contract between a homeowner and a lawn care service provider. It is critical to draught a lawn agreement before hiring a lawn care service business to ensure that both parties’ expectations are met.

How to Write a Lawn Care Service Contract

A well-drafted contract may outline both parties’ roles and obligations, ensure that your client will pay for your services, and protect you in the case of a disagreement. While creating a lawn-care service contract is simple, it may help you avoid major difficulties in the future.

Include the Must-Haves

The contract must include your name, the name of your company, the name of the client, the address of the customer, and the date. Also, be certain that the agreement includes information about your company licence and bonding. List the service’s length, including the start and finish dates, as well as the frequency of service. The contract should also specify whether or not an assistance will be participating in the project.

Service Charges

The contract should include the cost of each lawn care as well as the repercussions of noncompliance. For example, the paper may declare, “Customers are required to pay for services by the last Friday of each month. If the client fails to pay after a ten-day grace period, lawn care will be suspended until all due payments are collected.”

Furthermore, specify the ramifications of failing to meet your end of the deal, such as, “If the contractor is unable to perform his tasks in accordance with the contract requirements, he will reschedule at a mutually agreeable time with the property owner and grant a 10% discount.”

If you want to offer additional services, such as dog waste disposal, be certain that the contract covers the cost of the new service.

List any potentially ambiguous issues.

The agreement should specify who would be responsible for repairing damaged fence or irrigation systems. To minimise contract ambiguity, if chemicals will be used for the lawn care, the contract should explicitly stipulate who would acquire and apply the chemicals.

How to Write a Lawn Care Contract Statement of Work

Give a detailed description of the services you will offer. List the services you want to provide, such as lawn care, weed control, cleaning, irrigation, pest control, and so on. Ascertain that the customer is aware of the services you are offering.

Also, make a list of every aspect of the property that needs to be serviced. It is critical that the customer specify any areas that they do not want you to touch. To aid the customer in selecting their desired area of service, you may utilise a tabular form. In addition, the customer should make preparations for access to all service locations.

If there are regions that need occasional care, bill the customer separately for each service. A notice requirement might assist to avoid misunderstandings. If there is an urgent need for work on the property, you may notify the customer by phone or notice/letter of your plan to visit and remedy the situation the next day. You might specify in the contract that any work worth more than $50 must be approved in writing by the customer.

Define the term upkeep. While a lawn service normally offers regular upkeep, the term “regular” may have a wide range of meanings. To prevent future misunderstandings, it is critical to define the term “regular.”

Pricing should be discussed. Your services may be priced using a number of formulae. You may charge per cut or charge on a monthly, biweekly, as required, or annual basis. Don’t forget to provide your cancellation policy. If the contract is automatically renewed, your customer will almost certainly demand written confirmation.

Before contract renewal, most customers want at least 30 days’ notice. Even after you’ve agreed on a price, it’s a good idea to send your customer a monthly invoice. Sending an invoice informs customers of the amount of time they have left to pay for your service before the grace period ends.

You must also determine how you will be paid. Are you looking for cash, a cheque, or a credit card? The payment method used may be determined by the frequency, kind, and nature of the service. If you provide auto billing, make sure the customer knows how it works and how to seek redress if a disagreement arises. In addition, provide a refund system if you overcharged the consumer. If the customer fails to pay, depending on the severity of the disagreement, you may impose a late payment penalty or cancel the contract.