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A Delaware DBA search may help you determine whether a company is operating under a fictitious name.

 Delaware DBA Search

A Delaware DBA search may help you determine whether a company is operating under a fictitious name. Such a search is also necessary if you’re thinking about registering a DBA name and don’t want to infringe on the name of another firm.

Various Delaware Company Names

Before doing a Delaware DBA search, it’s critical to grasp the distinction between a company’s trade name and its legal name. Clarifying this problem will save you time in your quest.

The most crucial aspect of starting a Delaware company organisation is selecting an original business name that does not clash with the registered name of another firm. In addition to this legal name, companies may pick another name to be associated with their company, which is known as a DBA.

A DBA name, like a company’s legal name, must be unique. The distinction is that a DBA is registered at the county level rather than the state level. For example, if your DBA is already registered in another county, you will be unable to utilise your name in this place. However, if the name is available in another county, you might use it. Because you will register your DBA name at the county courthouse, this is the first place you should go if you want to see whether the name you choose is available.

You may do a DBA search in Delaware by visiting the Delaware judiciary’s website. The database on this website covers every DBA name registered in the state. All you have to do is go to the website and search the database with a keyword. If your search turns up any registered names, you may click on one to learn more about the parent firm that registered and is using the trade name.

When a firm files a DBA registration, it must provide information about its parent company. If you click on a name during your search and there is no corporate entity name shown, it typically signifies that the trade name has been registered by a lone owner. Although sole proprietorships are not legally different organisations like corporations, utilising the registered DBA name is nevertheless forbidden.

Why Should You Register a Doing Business As (DBA)?

Filing a DBA registration might bring a number of advantages. First and foremost, obtaining a DBA allows you to lawfully do business under a fake name at a cheap fee. After registering your DBA name, you will be able to:

Accept money under a fictitious identity.

Advertise under a false identity.

This is the name you should choose for your company.

Doing business under a name different than your legal name may be considered fraud if you do not submit a DBA registration.

If you operate a sole proprietorship or partnership and do not have a DBA registration, you must do business under your own or a partner’s name. Using a DBA name allows you to keep your personal and professional life distinct. For example, after registering, you may create a bank account under your fake name, making it simpler to segregate your company and personal money.

You must complete a Registration of Trade, Business, and Fictitious Name Certificate if you wish to register a DBA name. This form must be filed in each county where you want to utilise your DBA name. Before attempting to file, get your application notarized. Companies that do not do business in Delaware but have registered in the state normally only need to complete one DBA registration. If your business fits this criteria, submit your application in the same county as your registered agent.

If you wish to conduct business under an assumed name, most states need a DBA registration. For example, if you are a single owner operating a restaurant, submitting a DBA registration would enable you to conduct your business as Joe’s Eatery.

A DBA may be used by a registered business organisation such as a limited liability company or a corporation for a variety of purposes. For example, if the company want to do business in a new state but their legal name does not meet the jurisdiction’s naming criteria, having a DBA name may make overseas qualifying simpler. If a company’s legal name is already registered in the new state, it may also utilise a DBA name.