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How do you intend to earn money?

 Business Model Canvas

The most crucial question to ask oneself before starting a business is, “How will it produce money?” As a business owner, you want to ensure the success of your enterprise. This is where developing a Business Model comes in. A business model is a strategy developed around a firm that demonstrates how it will earn. This is particularly vital if you want to seek financial assistance for your organisation.

Designer of Business Models

We’ve made it simple to create a Business Model. Answer the fundamental questions we’ve supplied in each area. If you get stuck, look for the assistance tabs, which are indicated with a question mark (?) to aid you further.

We recognise that everyone works at their own speed, so take a break and return refreshed.

Your responses will be produced into the Business Model Canvas, an easy-to-read PDF created by Alexander Osterwalder. Print it off and distribute it to possible investors, friends, family, or just yourself.