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The idea of starting a company has always appealed to me, but I was unsure whether or not a business setup consultant in Dubai would be of assistance. Due to the fact that I had done extensive study on business setup and was familiar with the processes for forming a corporation, I never saw the need for a business setup consultant in Dubai.

Dubai business setup

I was self-assured and proceeded on my own, but to my dismay, I spent a significant amount of money on the incorrect paperwork. Furthermore, the majority of the documentation was written in Arabic, which made it much more difficult for me to comprehend. I also ended up filing for a company licence, which would have prevented me from expanding my operations into a related field. Overall, I squandered a significant amount of money!

I discovered that, despite the accessible atmosphere that Dubai provides in terms of business setup, it may be tough to establish a firm without the assistance of a business setup expert in Dubai. The process of establishing a Dubai business is complicated by the large number of governmental regulations and legislative processes that must be followed. A company venture that is not properly planned and managed may result in disastrous consequences.

A user-friendly and adaptable strategy for businesses is being developed by the Dubai government and the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, among other things. However, for me, as a foreign expatriate, it was much too time-consuming to comprehend the depth of the complexities. Additionally, it resulted in me receiving penalties and making the procedure even more time-consuming for me.

I sought help from Generis Global, who came to my rescue. I hired a business consultant in Dubai, and they guided me through the process of establishing my company. From paperwork to obtaining a business licence, from obtaining permissions to organising my visa and PRO-related activities, everything is taken care of. Generis Global’s business consultant not only helped me to rationalise my business-related questions, but he also provided me with assistance throughout the whole process of establishing my firm in Dubai.