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Summer months are often packed with sunny weather, sunlight, and an abundance of outdoor activities. This is also a good time of year to start a seasonal company. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top summer business ideas for you to try.

Business Ideas For The Summer


We’ve compiled a list of our top summer business ideas and rated them based on beginning costs, necessary skill level, and income potential to assist you in finding the ideal company for you.


For folks who prefer being outside and working with their hands, starting a seasonal pool cleaning company might be a terrific option. While no formal schooling is necessary, there are a number of courses and certifications available to help you learn more about pool care. The National Swimming Pool Foundation provides an industry-recognized Certified Pool/Spa Operator Certification Program.

A pool cleaning company has modest startup expenses and a high income potential. There is plenty of opportunity for expansion in this business if you can build a strong customer base. While this might begin as a summer company, there are also excellent potential to grow by recruiting commercial customers, such as fitness clubs and hotels, who will want your services all year.


Starting a glamping company may be a good choice if you have a talent for interacting with consumers and a passion for all things outdoors. Glamping is just recently becoming popular in the United States, and this is an excellent investment opportunity. Entrepreneurs having an experience in hospitality and/or vacation lodgings are often well-suited to launch a glamping company. You must also be willing to work on weekends and holidays.

Glamping company startup fees are significant, but so is the revenue potential. Because these enterprises often have modest ongoing expenditures, revenues may skyrocket after initial costs are deducted.


Entrepreneurs that prefer dealing with youngsters, don’t mind a lot of alone time, and appreciate frozen sweets could consider starting an ice cream truck company. This is also a highly adaptable company that can be managed part-time to fit your schedule. Driving experience and knowledge with the region you serve are both essential for your success.

Startup fees might be pretty significant depending on the brand of vehicle you acquire, but your monthly earnings potential can be about $5,000. In general, depending on the market they serve, these enterprises are sustainable and have gradual but consistent development potential. You may also stretch out from your usual path and sell your services to local companies and groups.


A mini-golf course might be a terrific option for a seasonal entrepreneur. Owners should be extroverted, love interacting with youngsters, and be well-versed in general business.

The initial expenditures for mini-golf courses are high, but the recurring costs are low. Depending on where your firm is located, this might represent a significant profit potential. Many mini-golf facility owners may recoup their original investment in a few of years. Because many mini golf facilities also include arcade games and snack bars, this company may provide various income sources. There are potential for development in this kind of company as long as you are ready to diversify the activities you provide.


Starting a pedicab company is a terrific alternative for persons who are energetic, love working with the public, and wish to promote environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Owners of pedicabs should be physically active and have basic bicycle maintenance abilities.

Startup expenses are low, and earnings potential is high based on location and market saturation. These companies thrive in places with a significant public transportation market and the potential to grow your company by renting or leasing more cars to contractors. While earning potential is greatly dependent on the market you’re in, cheap overhead means you’ll start making money quite quickly.


Scooter rental companies, like bicycle rental businesses, may be wonderful possibilities for entrepreneurs who live in places with a high number of visitors and scooter-friendly motor vehicle legislation. Successful company owners must have strong sales and customer service abilities, as well as knowledge of how to maintain their scooters.

Startup expenses might be considerable depending on the amount of scooters in your fleet, but seasonal revenues can be substantial as well. Your total development and earning potential will be decided by the region in which you operate and the quantity of consumers you can consistently bring in.


Summer camp company entrepreneurs that are enthusiastic about both the outdoors and education are the most successful. They are also typically innovative and industrious individuals with excellent business and customer service skills. You may start a camp that caters to broad interests or one that focuses on a certain topic that you are especially interested in. It might be anything from the great outdoors to sports to art, or anything in between.

Summer camp startup expenses are quite expensive. Aside from the land required to run the camp, you will also need a big enough staff to accommodate your campers, as well as any essential permits to administer the camp and work with children. If you can establish a popular and profitable summer camp, your earning potential is considerable, with well-maintained camps seeing profit margins ranging from 25% to 40%.


If you are a passionate surfer searching for a company that will not interfere with your pastime, try launching a surfing school. Aside from being a great surfer, you should be capable of teaching your profession to others and be aware of the required safety precautions while dealing with people in the water. While it is not mandatory, you might think about being certified via the International Surf Association.

Startup expenditures may be kept minimal, particularly if your courses are held on a public beach. With cheap setup and administrative expenditures, the majority of your earnings will be profit. Your total earning potential is completely dependent on how many customers you can teach each week and how much you charge each lesson. While most surfing schools will stay small, there is always the possibility of expanding by hiring more teachers.


People that are extroverted and sociable who reside in or near a popular tourist site may want to start a walking tour company. The ideal company owners would be enthusiastic about the region and like working with people.

Startup expenses are low since you may typically operate without a physical presence. You may begin by offering tours yourself and gradually grow by employing other guides. Overall growth will be determined by the degree of demand in your region and the number of excursions you can provide each week. Profit margins might be large since there is minimal to no overhead.


Starting a summertime Italian ice company is ideal for folks who like working outside, can haul their trailer to each location, and aren’t seeking for a full-time, year-round business. Different permits will be necessary to function depending on how you set up your firm. Knowledge of the food vendor business is also beneficial.

Startup expenses for Italian ice enterprises may range from minimal to considerable, depending on the kind of cart used and the licences necessary. If you find the correct areas to sell your sweet delights, your income potential might be extremely great. Businesses often expand by discovering novel methods to prolong their season or by adding more suppliers to their roster.


If you like horses and the outdoors, you might think about beginning a horseback riding instruction company. Successful entrepreneurs in this industry must be skilled at horse training and riding, as well as having a natural ability to educate others.

This company has significant launch, insurance, and maintenance expenses and needs a lot of talent, but depending on your business strategy, it may also provide substantial profits. If you already possess a horse farm or a big piece of land on which to offer lessons, you may significantly reduce your expenditures while increasing your revenues.


Inflatable bounce house enterprises are perfect for persons who don’t mind working on weekends, are physically capable of transporting these big inflatables, and like interacting with youngsters. Other than excellent business sense and an awareness of the insurance policy you will need to obtain, there isn’t much talent necessary to start this kind of company.

Depending on how many properties you want to buy, your startup expenditures might be low, and your profit potential is modest. This potential may be expanded by purchasing more apartments and hiring employees to enhance the number of events you can book in a single weekend. The market for inflatable bounce houses has expanded significantly over the last ten years, and the industry is likely to continue growing in the future.