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ENFPs are natural business owners. They are passionate, eager individuals who see opportunities all around them. They are both outgoing and perceptive, which has given them outstanding people skills.

 ENFPS Business Ideas

This list of 10 business ideas includes a selection of enterprises that would fit ENFP types well.


College preparation advisors help families choose institutions, fill out application forms and essays, and prepare for standardised exams. College planning is a highly personal process, and ENFPs are uniquely qualified to connect with their customers and assist them in the correct path. Many college planning consultants have past guidance counsellor expertise, but there are no official criteria for launching this firm.

You may start your business for approximately $3,000 since many college planning advisors work from home. Depending on the amount of customers you can manage and the exact services you give, you may earn anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000 each year. Many college planning firms stay small, but there is the opportunity to hire more advisors and grow into a bigger organisation.


A counselling centre provides community members with mental health treatments and support. ENFPs are good candidates for this sort of employment because of their empathy, intuition, and outgoing personality. A master’s degree in psychology is required to become a licenced counsellor, and a doctorate to become a licenced psychologist.

Aside from the expense of your schooling, you may start your company for as little as a few thousand dollars if you operate from home. If you decide to rent out an office space, this will skyrocket. Counselors may normally charge a minimum of $60 per hour, making this a highly profitable enterprise if you can have a consistent supply of repeat customers. You may choose to keep your practise modest and one-person, or you can hire extra counsellors or psychologists to help you grow.


Family counselling techniques adjust their services to the specific issues that families face. They may assist youngsters in dealing with divorce, bullying, or other issues, or they may advise couples attempting to salvage or enhance their marriages. ENFPs are often good counsellors because to their ability to connect with others and their general perceptive nature. To get certified in this sector, you will require at least a master’s degree, much as in general counselling.

If you run your family counselling company from home, you’ll need at least $1000 to begin started, and more if you rent office space. Profits in the six-figure range are possible once established.


Businesses that provide life coaching assist individuals in making good changes in their professions, health, relationships, and a variety of other key elements of their lives. Life coaching, like other occupations in this category, enables ENFPs to utilise their communication, intuition, and leadership talents to assist others enhance the quality of their lives. ENFPs are outstanding life coaches because of their ability to comprehend people and recognise their potential. Although a specialised degree is not required, a life coaching certification is advantageous.

For less than $1,000, you can start a life counselling company from home. While your revenues will be significantly influenced by the amount of customers you bring on and the fees you can charge them, life coaches typically earn roughly $60,000 per year. Those that cater to high-profile clientele might charge much more than $1000 per hour.


Event planners assist their customers in the planning, organisation, and execution of various sorts of events. ENFPs’ inventiveness, energy, and people skills make them ideal for this profession. The finest event planners are excellent communicators, marketers, and organisers who can successfully arrange an event with suppliers, clients, and locations.

You can start an event planning firm for less than $5,000 and make $75,000 to $80,000 per year. This sector has a lot of room for expansion and can be readily extended by hiring more event planners with different expertise.


Fundraising consulting firms assist NGOs in developing and implementing fundraising strategies. Communication abilities, interpersonal skills, and a creative streak will serve ENFPs well as fundraising consultants. Their ability to read people quickly makes them very good in eliciting contributions. You don’t need a formal degree to be successful in this industry, but you should have many years of fundraising experience before venturing out on your own.

You can start a consulting firm for less than $1,000. Your firm may earn anywhere from $75,000 to well into six figures per year, depending on the sector you serve and the amount of customers you can manage.


Human resource consulting organisations provide HR services to businesses that do not have their own HR department. HR is another wonderful business concept for ENFPs, whose energy, people-focus, and compassion will benefit their clientele. An HR consultant does not need a formal education, however a degree in human resources or business never hurts. It is also necessary to have many years of expertise in human resources.

Your initial expenditures may be kept modest, ranging from $2,000 to $10,000. Human resource consultants often charge between $100 and $200 per billable hour, however their earnings potential varies depending on industry and workload. Those with a full schedule may earn between $800 and $1500 per day, making this a potentially profitable endeavour.


Barbershops provide grooming services to men and boys, such as haircuts and shaves. Barber shops, however, are often centres of social activity in their communities. This might make them a very appealing business proposition for the people-oriented ENFP. Barbers must be licenced or qualified in their profession.

Startup expenditures are relatively significant, ranging from $150,000 to $200,000 when a suitable premises, furnishings, and equipment are included. Most barbershops have a few barbers on staff, which adds to the expense. Earnings are reasonable, with the typical barber earning roughly $35,000 per year.


Beauty salons provide a broad range of cosmetic treatments to its customers. Beauty salons, like barber shops, have a big social component, with many customers visiting for both the treatments and the opportunity to relax and mingle. ENFPs excel at making others feel at ease and thrive on developing interpersonal ties. To be successful, you must have excellent commercial and marketing abilities, as well as a thorough awareness of the beauty industry.

When you include in the cost of your location, furniture, equipment, and licence, the average startup cost for a beauty salon is roughly $60,000. Once your firm is up and going, your profit margin should be approximately 15%. Many beauty salons only have one location, but there is always the possibility of expanding to two or more.


Hair salons, like other companies in this category, provide both hair care services and the chance for customers to relax and pamper themselves. ENFPs can create a great and welcome atmosphere for all personalities since they love and understand people so well.

Your beginning expenditures, including training and licence, will range between $95,000 and $200,000. Your own earning potential may vary depending on your area, but after you’ve developed a consistent customer base, you should expect to make at least $50,000 each year. There is room for expansion for businesses wishing to extend their services or expand into other markets.