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Restated articles of organisation are merely a modified version of the original, and LLCs may amend their articles of organisation.

Articles of Organization

The articles of organisation that have been restated are essentially a modified version of the original. Changes to the articles of formation of limited liability corporations, generally known as LLCs, are authorised. When such modifications are made, they are known as amendments. When modifying the articles of incorporation, the organisation must submit an LLC 12 form.

When Must an LLC 12 Form Be Filed?

There are various situations in which an LLC 12 form is not required to be submitted. However, a formal amendment is required for an LLC to alter its name, during a change of management, or if there is a date change that impacts an LLC, such as a dissolution date. The modification must be submitted within 60 days of the change being made. In the case of dissolution, the filing must be made prior to that date.

There are additional circumstances in which an amendment should be submitted, such as changes that would influence tax collection. Members of an organisation may be informed of revisions to its articles of incorporation at regular or special meetings.

An organisation is expected to give notice of the meeting’s time and venue, as well as an agenda. A concise summary of the modification should also be supplied. All members should be notified at least 10 days before the meeting. While this is the norm, legislation or bylaws may specify processes and timetables that differ from this.

Is it possible for members to participate through electronic means?

Here are some examples of electronic meetings:


The video messenger on Facebook.

FaceTime on the iPhone.

DUO by Google.

Members in Minnesota are permitted to participate by electronic means, which is referred to as an electronic meeting. While organisations may differ in how they handle such alerts, it is always prudent to speak with an attorney before establishing virtual or electronic methods of participation in meetings.

Unless otherwise specified in the article, the modification would need to be adopted by a majority of the members with voting power. If the change is intended to raise the needed majority to a higher level, then the higher majority must accept it.

Understanding How to Modify Articles of Incorporation

It is fairly simple to change an article in Missouri. The procedure entails downloading the aforementioned LLC 12 form from the Missouri secretary of state’s website. The name of the LLC will be requested on the form; this must be the name as it appears in the secretary of state’s records. The date the modification was made and the date the change became effective are also required.

There will be a section for you to specify the modification to the articles of organisation, as well as checkboxes whether the information applies. The form is sent to the secretary of state at the address shown on the form, together with the required fee.

Minnesota needs essentially the same information when filing for an amendment, with the distinction that after the text is recorded, a statement stating that it was approved in accordance with Minnesota Chapter 322B must appear. The language that the firm now desires to incorporate in the articles of incorporation is shown alongside the former language. In Minnesota, the filing cost is $35.

Understanding How to Restate Organizational Articles

If an LLC firm so desires, it may restate the whole of its articles of incorporation at any moment. There is a significant distinction between modifying and restating. When a specific portion of a bylaw requires clarity, it may be restated. When members determine that certain parts in the bylaws are no longer valid or relevant, adding the substitute or adjustment, or removing it from the bylaws, may be used to update them.

A restatement that contains substantial revisions must be accepted by the members in the same manner that any other amendment is. If the restatement integrates all prior revisions into a single document, only the boards of governors must accept it. Articles of modification must be signed by a person authorised by the limited liability corporation to sign such papers. A restatement completely replaces the previous bylaws with new ones, while an amendment changes or overrides certain portions while maintaining the original bylaws in force.