It is up to the person or company who realizes a concept and registers a trademark, patent, or service mark to protect the object in issue. The USPTO does not function as “patent police” and does not often aggressively pursue infringement. Among the recommendations for protecting your patented object are:

Keep track of everything. You should preserve detailed records, including drawings and models, that are dated. Record everything that happened before the innovation.
Fill out an invention record form. Fill out this form as soon as possible. Changes to the item’s design should be documented in other records.
It should be clear who or what entity contributed to and thought of the idea.
If an employee is the inventor, decide whether the employee will keep the IP rights or the corporation will. Make sure the employee’s name is included on the application if the employee is going to maintain the right or participate in the rights to the innovation.

Additionally, be certain that there are no other innovations that are very similar to yours. Only original work may be given a trademark, patent, or service mark.

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