Learn about driving regulations and special initiatives aimed at keeping both senior drivers and Oklahoma’s highways safe.

The majority of the laws and regulations enforced by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) apply to drivers of all ages and stages, and the state asserts it does not impose particular requirements on drivers based only on their age.

Nonetheless, several of the legislative regulations outlined here, such as potential licensing limits and processes for obtaining handicap parking permits, may be particularly pertinent for senior drivers.

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Oklahoma License Renewal Procedures for Senior Citizens

Time limits: Every four years, all drivers must renew in person or by mail.

Renewal requires a vision exam. DPS workers will provide a free test, but if more accurate results are necessary, further testing from an independent optometrist or ophthalmologist may be required and documented in a Visual Screening Report.

Written test: At the discretion of DPS officers, a written test may be needed.

Road test: At the discretion of DPS officers, a road test may be necessary.

License Restrictions That Might Exist

To ensure safe driving, the DPS might impose limits or conditions on a person’s driver’s license. The most prevalent limitation for senior drivers is the need for corrective lenses or glasses.

Other typical regulations imposed by the DPS in Oklahoma include:

driving vehicles equipped with a left outside rear vision mirror only driving vehicles equipped with turn indicators and power steering having food, fruit, or candy within reach of drivers who are insulin-dependent diabetics driving only while wearing prosthetics, and other specific restrictions the DPS may impose in the interest of driver safety.

In Oklahoma, How Do I Request an Unsafe Driver Investigation?

Anyone with firsthand knowledge of a potentially risky driver, such as a family member, doctor, or police officer, may provide information to the Oklahoma DPS.

To make such a request, prepare a letter identifying the driver who is creating the worry and providing detailed grounds for the complaint, and send it to:

Department of Public Safety in Oklahoma

3600 North Martin Luther King Boulevard

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111

DPS officials may then order that a motorist be evaluated by a licensed physician or other medical professional, who must subsequently fill out and submit a Medical Examination Form to the DPS within 60 days after the examination.

How to Obtain Disabled Driver Parking Placards

Drivers with restricted mobility may be awarded disabled person parking badges provided a competent medical practitioner confirms the condition.

Placards and license plates are available for people who:

cannot go 200 feet without stopping to rest
have a serious heart problem
are significantly impaired in their ability to walk owing to an arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic ailment; or are legally blind or have one or more limbs amputated.

To receive a disability placard or plate, follow these steps:

A Physical Disability Parking Placard Application must be completed and signed.
The second portion of the application should be completed by a qualified physician, surgeon, osteopath, chiropractor, podiatrist, optometrist, or certified advanced registered nurse practitioner.
Send the original application to the address specified on the form.

Find Out More About Oklahoma Driving Regulations

The Oklahoma DPS website contains fundamental information for drivers, such as license and car registration requirements. The downloaded “Driver’s Manual,” which provides complete explanations of the state’s license and car registration procedures, as well as a summary of local regulations of the road, is particularly interesting.

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