A fake name is a Pennsylvania DBA (doing business as). A fake name registration in Pennsylvania permits a company to operate under a name other than its legal name.

Your personal assets will not be protected if you register a DBA in Pennsylvania. Forming a formal company structure, such as an LLC or corporation, can provide you with liability protection as well as a business name.

In Pennsylvania, you may register a fictitious name.

It is simple to register a fake name in Pennsylvania, often known as a DBA.

A DBA is solely used for branding purposes. A DBA does not safeguard your personal assets in the event that your company is sued. As a result, we highly advise that a DBA be utilised exclusively by a formal company structure such as an LLC or corporation to add new brands to an existing firm.

If you operate an informal company (sole proprietorship or partnership), we highly advise you to create an LLC to keep your business and personal assets distinct. The name of the LLC might be chosen to serve as the business’s brand name.

Learn How to File a DBA in Pennsylvania in Three Easy Steps:

Begin by doing a Pennsylvania Fictitious Name Search.

Register Your DBA in Pennsylvania

Comply with Pennsylvania Advertising Regulations

A DBA is solely used for branding purposes. To keep your company and personal assets distinct, we propose incorporating an LLC.

Step 1: Conduct a search for fictitious names in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania fictitious names must be distinct and fit the state’s business name standards.

To begin, go to the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Business Name Search website and check to see whether your new DBA name is already in use.

Review the Pennsylvania naming criteria next. In Pennsylvania, fake names shall NOT contain the following words:

Unless the company is genuinely an LLC, corporation, etc., any business entity suffix, such as LLC, Incorporated, Corp, etc.

Any of the following phrases are used to describe financial institutions: “bank,” “banc,” “banco,” “banque,” “banker,” “trust company,” “savings and loan association,” “savings bank,” “credit union,” or other similar words.

We suggest that you check to see whether your name is accessible as a web domain (URL). You may not want to launch a company website right now, but you may wish to prevent others from gaining your URL.

Step 2: Create a Pennsylvania DBA.

Your fake name in Pennsylvania may be submitted with the Department of State either online or by mail. You may either file online using the PENN File website or fill out the Registration of Fictitious Name form.

The following are some critical portions of the form:

Section 2: A brief summary of the company

Section 4: Individuals interested in the business’s names and addresses

Section 5: Entities (other than people) engaged in the company and their names and addresses

Section 7: The names of those who are allowed to alter or cancel the registration on behalf of the existing parties.

Manage Your Pennsylvania Fake Name

General Concerns

Please contact the Pennsylvania Corporation Bureau at (717) 787-1057.

Renew Your Fake Name with the State

Your fake name in Pennsylvania does not need to be renewed.

Change Your False Name

To make changes to your fictitious name, complete the Amendment, Withdrawal, or Cancellation of Fictitious Name Registration form online or fill out the form. The cost is $70. Please send the printable form to the following address:

State Department of Pennsylvania

Corporations and Charitable Organizations Bureau

P.O. Box 8722

17105-8722 Harrisburg, PA

Withdraw Your False Name

To withdraw or cancel your fake name registration, submit online or complete the Amendment, Withdrawal, and Cancellation of Fictitious Name Registration form. The cost is $70. Please send the printable form to the following address:

State Department of Pennsylvania

Corporations and Charitable Organizations Bureau

P.O. Box 8722

17105-8722 Harrisburg, PA

Step 3: Comply with Pennsylvania Advertising Regulations.

If your company specifies specific parties in Box 4 of its Registration of Fictitious Name form, they must publish a notice stating their intention to register for a new fictitious name. You may skip this step if your company does not include individual parties on its registration form.

This advertising must be published in two newspapers in the county in which your company is situated. These newspapers must be widely distributed, with one being a legal publication. If your county only has one newspaper, you must only publish in that one. A list of recognised county periodicals is provided by the Department of State.

You must include the following in your advertisement:

Your made-up name

The primary address of your company

Any persons whose names and addresses are included in Box 4 of your registration form

A short statement stating that you have filed for or plan to apply for a fake name in Pennsylvania.

You are not required to submit advertising evidence to the state, but you must maintain it alongside your company records.