A series LLC is a kind of limited liability corporation that has a distinct structure. A series LLC is made up of a master LLC and various series that branch out of it.

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How the Series LLC Operates
What Are the Advantages of Series LLC Protection:

The capacity to safeguard each kid series and its assets from the liabilities of the other child series and the master LLC is the most essential advantage of a series LLC.
Wealth can be managed by allocating investments among the kid series depending on prospective return and risk.
The LLC series is popular among real estate investors because it lets them to segregate (and protect) their individual assets.


Currently, the kid series is exempt from filing taxes. The master LLC is responsible for filing taxes on behalf of the whole series. We highly advise dealing with an accountant who is knowledgeable with the series LLC tax law.
When compared to creating and maintaining many regular LLCs, there is often a savings in paperwork and expenditures.
Creating a series LLC is less complex and less costly than forming a company with subsidiaries.

Other Advantages:

Series LLCs allow for expansion.
Within each child series, you may establish unique members and supervisors using the series LLC. Each member and manager might have a distinct amount of ownership as well as varied tasks, powers, and rights.
Businesses with many profit centers may protect and segregate their company processes.
Each child series has the ability to form contracts, acquire, keep, and sell assets, sue, give liens, and provide security instruments.

What Are the Consequences of a Series LLC?

In certain cases, the LLC series might be risky. It is essential to consult with your attorney about the potential risks of founding and maintaining a series LLC.

Consider the following:

If you intend to offer products or services in a place where the series LLC is not permitted, the assets owned by the child series may not be safeguarded.
The LLC series is complicated, and there haven’t been many court cases to inform us what may happen in certain legal scenarios.
It is unknown if the kid series will be protected in federal bankruptcy court. Once implemented by the different states, the Uniform Protected Series Act will give this protection.
When founding and maintaining a series LLC, you must strictly adhere to the requirements. If you don’t, the series won’t provide the liability protection you sought.

Which states recognize the series LLC?

The regulations for the series LLC differ by state, and just 14 states permit them. Recently, legislators drafted the Uniform Protected Series Act, which, if accepted by individual states, would help minimize the complexity and risk of series LLCs while promoting their wider usage.

Currently, the Series LLC is legal in the following states:

The District of Columbia
Indiana and Iowa
Utah, Texas

We’ve put up a detailed guide to help you discover your state’s regulations for forming and managing a series LLC.

It is critical to speak with an attorney to ensure that you are managing your series LLC in accordance with your state’s requirements.

State Guides for Series LLC

Creating a series LLC is identical to establishing a “regular” LLC. Many of the processes are similar; they are simply more complicated.

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