Are you looking for contracts to safeguard your small business? Check out our top ten list of contracts that every small company owner should have.

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Obtain Business Information in Writing
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Written business agreements are valuable instruments for improving company partnerships and protecting your interests. Legal papers may assist you in avoiding problems and minimizing liabilities, particularly when it comes to employees and other sorts of workers. These papers may also safeguard your intellectual property and private information from unlawful usage by rivals. This guide covers the contracts you’ll need to legally safeguard your company, from employee agreements to client contracts.

Obtain Business Information in Writing

Improve and maintain business partnerships

Business Contracts: Whether you offer services or sell commodities, you may tailor this contract to the parameters of your business transaction.
Service Contracts: Specify the precise services that you will deliver or that another company will supply. We provide specialized contracts for accounting services, computer service contracts, and creative work contracts such as editor, freelance writer, and graphic design contracts.
Independent Contractor Agreement: Ensure that all consultants and freelancers who work with you have signed agreements.
Liability Waiver: Use this form as a business owner to release your firm from responsibility for any injuries or damages experienced by a participant in an activity operated or sponsored by your company.
Leasing of Equipment: Use this contract if you want to lease equipment or if you intend to lease your own equipment. You may also utilize this agreement if you establish an LLC and want to lease your personal property to your company, such as your automobile.

Keep what is yours safe.

Prevent rivals from stealing your finest ideas.

Non-Disclosure Agreement: Request that prospective workers sign this prior to interviews to ensure that your sensitive information does not leave the building.
Provisional Patent Application: Safeguard your product or idea before applying for a complete patent. With a provisional file, you may utilize the “Patent Pending” notification and set an official patent filing date.

Be a wise employer.

Preventing labor and contract conflicts

Employ a noncompete agreement to prohibit a former employee or business partner from competing against you.
Employment Agreement: Use this agreement to spell out all of your full-time or salaried workers’ rights and responsibilities.
Employee Manual: Make sure the employees who work with you have clear rules and understand what is expected of them.

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Documents may be easily prepared for signing. Just drag your document into the signature and date areas after adding or selecting it. You may decide who will view and sign your document, or you can share it with an attorney. Keep signed papers in a secure place for convenient access.

Share, sign, and keep track of everything. Sign online and ask others to sign in seconds to make your document legally enforceable.

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