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Freelance Attorneys

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Generis Global is an exclusive platform of talented freelance lawyers providing contract and project-based legal consulting services to attorneys nationwide.

The legal industry is evolving, and so is the paradigm of what it means to be a successful lawyer. For many attorneys, looking beyond the traditional law firm model makes sense at this moment. This is sparking a new rise in the prevalence of freelance attorneys.

Whether you need occasional help from a freelance lawyer or a long-term subscription associate, thousands of law firms rely on us to bill more hours and reduce overhead.

Types of work done by freelance lawyers

Freelance attorneys work in numerous practice areas on projects including:

  • Appearance work. Freelance attorneys may be hired as appearance council to go to court (for example, going to hearings) on behalf of another lawyer. For this type of role, the freelance lawyer must be licensed in the jurisdiction where they’re making the appearance.
  • Written substantive work. This could include research, document review, discovery, or drafting documents. Think motions, writing briefs, or contracts. You may even write law firm marketing blogs.