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Escrow services

Risk mitigation for business transactions

Your escrow provider

Global transactions demand to put risk reduction ahead of anything else. That’s the reason the best in the business turn to Generis Global for Escrow Services. Our omnipresent global teams of experts will structure your escrow transaction in a flawless manner. We act as an independent party to the transaction, holding assets in escrow and disbursing them quickly and securely according to the terms of the agreement.

How We Work

The professionals working with us work with varied arrangements with us. Some of them work with us remotely while others work in-house, most of them have employment contracts with us.  They are located in different countries and across timelines, the timeline difference instead of being a disadvantage has turned out to be an advantage in terms of service deliverability to clients. 

Legal Teams

Our global work desk platform enables companies to build their own custom legal teams. With an expansive network of attorneys worldwide Generis Global can tackle a legal project of any size – whether it’s a one-time consult, a part-time specialist on retainer, or an entire freelance legal department. With advanced technologies to streamline workflows, this creates a unique experience. 

Legal Process Outsourcing

LPO or Legal Process Outsourcing is what we primarily do. This is one of our core processes. The Generis Global Network most of the time gets clients such as law firms or corporates to outsource their work to us, it mostly involves document review, litigation support or financials.

Once we sign the contract, we press in our staff which is strategically placed across the world. The people working with us are vetted and have signed agreements with regard to non-disclosure and client confidentiality. This gives Generis Global an advantage over the prices offered by traditional Legal Process Outsourcing services, we are able to cut the costs it involves to host in-house staff, enabling us to give better quotes to our clients. The remote employee grid is managed with cutting edge technology and coagulated by the use of dynamic workflows and machine learning.  Since law firms are fast becoming a primary target of cyber criminals, we have sate-of-the-art information security solutions deployed to help us mitigate cyber attacks.

We do DirectConnect™

DirectConnect involves clients (end service consumers not to be confused with corporations) getting in touch with Generis, sometimes individuals, sometimes small businesses, once the client puts up a request for any sort of service. We fire-up our database, and we are able to see what would be best suited for the client. The next step would be pressing in our remote staff or strategic partners to get working with the client at prices that are competitive and cost-effective. Strategic partners have allowed Generis to work in multiple jurisdictions hassle-free, it has further allowed for rapid expansion, and added capacity to operations.

Strategic partners allow us to cross-promote, build on each other’s strengths, fill in gaps in areas of growth, share intelligence, attract new customers and expand business offerings to existing customers.

We LeadWithLeads™

LeadWithLeads is a pilot program where we provide business intelligence to law firms which might include client leads. We understand that we cannot be partners with everyone. This gives us a platform which can easily be commercialised. Connecting attorneys with consumers searching for legal help every day.

A network of our websites offer visitors the option to enter in their contact and case information to connect with lawyers offering services in their area of law and near their location. Once a visitor submits a request to speak with an attorney, we send you all the details by email or text. It’s that simple.

Every one of our websites offers its visitors the option to enter their contact information into practice-specific forms to connect with lawyers offering services in their area of law and near their location. We make it simple, but not intrusive or obligatory, for consumers to connect with attorneys. 

We help secure Intellectual Property

For many businesses, intellectual property protects more than just an idea or a concept – it protects genuine business assets that may be integral to the core services of the business and overall long-term viability.

That’s where we come in. 

We register copyrights, trademarks, and patents. We create confidentiality, non-disclosure or licensing contracts for our clients. 

We Incorporate

We help ideas become businesses. We handle the legal part of creating a new business. The fact that we have a soft spot for entrepreneurs should come as no surprise. 

Our single focus is to help entrepreneurs and business owners start, run and grow their companies. We work with companies of all sizes and offer products, services, and tools that provide companies the support they need throughout the life of their business.

  • Customization 100% 100%
  • Ligtigation support 100% 100%
  • Swift drafting 100% 100%
  • Client Satisfaction 100% 100%
  • Flexibility 100% 100%
  • Responsiveness 100% 100%
  • Scalability 100% 100%
  • Coherence 100% 100%
  • Creativity 100% 100%
  • Reliability 100% 100%

Escrow Experts

A dedicated team of experienced professionals around the world offer flexible solutions for a wide range of corporate transactions.

Cross-Border Capabilities

From locations on five continents, our on-the-ground teams understand cross-border transactions in all major jurisdictions.


Reliable & Responsible

Agreements, claims, and disbursements are reviewed promptly and comprehensively by the Escrow Services team.


Beyond escrow services, Generis Global offers a variety of investment, foreign exchange and payment services to support the transaction.

Innovation fused with a vision, and hard work coupled with sincerity makes a revolution.

We deliver a revolution each day.

About us, we are Generis Global.