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Learn about driving restrictions and special initiatives aimed at keeping Arkansas’s senior drivers and highways safe.

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration’s Office of Driver Services (ODS) enforces a plethora of laws and regulations that apply to drivers of all ages and stages. In contrast to other states, Arkansas does not place any particular requirements or limits on senior drivers.

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Arkansas License Renewal Procedures for Senior Citizens

All drivers must renew their licenses every four years at any local Revenue Office.

A vision exam is required at the time of in-person renewal. ODS employees will perform a free test.

Written test: Required only if licensing authorities consider a physical or mental condition or restriction may impair a driver’s ability to drive safely.

Only if licensing authorities consider a medical or mental ailment or restriction may impair one’s ability to drive safely is a road test required upon renewal.

License Restrictions That Might Exist

After performing a driving test and discussing potential limits with the motorist, the ODS may impose restrictions or conditions on his or her driver’s license. The most prevalent limitation for senior drivers is the need for corrective lenses or glasses.

Other typical regulations that the ODS may place on drivers in Arkansas include:

no highway driving
a second right side mirror on a car
There are no nighttime driving limits—for example, no driving during rush hour traffic supports to maintain a correct driving position geographic area restrictions, and wearing bioptic telescopic lenses while driving.

In Arkansas, How Do I Request an Unsafe Driver Investigation?

Reports of risky driving are handled differently throughout the state. For further information on how to initiate an investigation, please contact:

Driver Services in Arkansas

Ragland Structure

Room 1070, 1910 SW 7th Street

Little Rock, Arkansas 72201


How to Restore a Driver’s License

For information about regaining a license that has been suspended or revoked in Arkansas, contact one of the state’s Revenue Offices.

How to Obtain Disabled Driver Parking Placards or License Plates

Drivers with restricted mobility may be awarded disabled parking placards and license plates provided the condition is verified by a competent medical expert.

Placards and license plates are also offered to people who:

cannot go 100 feet without stopping to rest
make use of portable oxygen
have a serious heart problem
having a spinal cord injury, a genetic ambulatory condition, amputation of a limb, or spina bifida
have multiple sclerosis, chronic heart disease, or another persistent medical condition that significantly limits their movement.

The following steps must be taken in order to receive a disability placard or plate:

Fill out and sign a Licensed Physician’s or Organization’s Certification for the Issuance of a Special License Plate or Certificate for a Person With a Disability.
Have a qualified physician fill the medical information on Part 1 of the form.
Send the original application to the Revenue Office in your area.

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