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10-Day Notice of Lease Termination

This 10-Day Notice of Lease Termination may be used by a landlord to notify a residential tenant that the tenant’s lease is being terminated pursuant to Chicago’s Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (the RLTO) because the tenant has repeatedly disturbed the peace of other tenants in the building. This form contains practical guidance and drafting notes.The RLTO contains a landlord remedy for use against tenants who repeatedly disturb the peace of the other residents in the building. If a tenant engages in conduct that disturbs the peaceful enjoyment of their neighbors, and does so again within 60 days after receiving a 10-day notice from the landlord, the landlord can send that tenant a notice stating that their lease will terminate in 10 days, and may then terminate the lease and file a lawsuit for eviction against that tenant after the 10-day period has elapsed, even if the tenant ceases the disruptive behavior.

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