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The only full-service global law firm in Jammu & Kashmir. We work for clients from anywhere to anywhere.

Our Philosophy

Our clients and their needs come first. It is upon this founding principle that our firm’s philosophy is based. It is through execution of this philosophy that our clients’ goals are achieved. Our commitment to client communication, quality legal services and cost-effective billing practices is what sets Muhammad Arooj & Associates apart in its service and results.

Our Mission

We worked hard on the formulation of our mission statement, and literally every word of it has special meaning:
We – we think of our firm as a team, and each of our attorneys practices principally on one practice team. Our Firm culture encourages and rewards collaboration in all aspects of our business, because we believe collaboration enhances client service. 

We are a law firm with a global outreach.

Straight talking. Thinking around corners. Solving the problem before it becomes one. Our lawyers work with you to solve your toughest legal issues.


Business Law

We assist clients in forming business entities, structuring the relationships among investors and managers, raising capital through public or private offerings of securities or by selling assets, and resolving disputes related to management of business entities or the sale of securities.

Civil & Commercial

Our Firm’s commercial practice encompasses commercial contracts, compliance with business laws, joint ventures, commercial agencies, franchises and distribution agreements.

Our unique strengths are our knowledge and understanding of regulatory environment, combined with our ability to deliver legal product to international standards.

Trust & Wills

Estate planning is at the heart of what we do. Our professionals have years of experience building estate plans of different sizes. From clients with modest assets to clients of substantial wealth, we have the experience to create and implement the right planning at a reasonable price. Our services begin with gathering data, meeting with clients, collaborating to find solutions to client needs, and drafting wills and trusts. Building on these initial services, we offer expertise in other areas that are part of a well-crafted estate plan, including charitable planning, asset protection, tax advice, planning for heirs with disabilities, and pre-marital and post-marital agreements.

Family Law

The practice of family law tends to center around the major topics of divorce, child custody, domestic violence, property, and prenuptial agreements. However, the nature of the practice means a thoughtful, experienced approach is often needed for best effect. This is especially true when children are caught in the middle of family disputes, financial matters, or court proceedings.


We have adopted a fanatical commitment to client service. By design, it is contagious, infecting everyone at our firm at every level. Our goal is to help our clients through challenging and often unfamiliar problems. We understand that their issues are consuming them. So, we literally take the problems off of their shoulders. When a client hires Arooj, their problems become ours. And we are fully committed to solving them.


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“I am so thankful to Arooj & Associates. Their firm helped us get through some of the hardest times of our lives. They really care about their clients.”

Haseena Sheikh, Family Law Client

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