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Law Department Consulting

Corporate Law Departments are expected to do more than provide basic legal protection.

The General Counsel and legal team are expected to drive business outcomes. A business mindset enables the legal team to balance the complementary goals of efficiency and effectiveness while delivering measurable value to the company. Progressive Law Departments align with the company’s strategy and risk profile to create an informed approach for leveraging internal, external, and technological resources.



We transform the Law Department from a cost center to a business partner that combines strategic engagement and cost management.

Our team delivers meaningful and sustainable improvement in the way our clients conceive of, organize and deliver legal services. Our team of industry domain experts is comprised of strategists, financial analysts, process improvement specialists, technology experts and project managers. Integrated expertise in these domains provides the General Counsel with ideas, tools and resources that position the Law Department to help achieve strategic business objectives. In short, we help Law Departments set their vision and strategy, develop and implement operational improvements, and report quantifiable results.



With relentless commitment to client success, our Law Department Management experts deliver business impact.

Our team has helped transform Fortune 500 law departments, resulting in significant cost savings and operational improvements. We have restructured departments to support company growth and changing business strategy without additional resources. Our experts have established Legal Centers of Excellence to enable greater consistency, collaboration, and cost savings of 15 – 20% across autonomous business units. We have designed technology strategies that justified investment in systems to improve legal services delivery. We have developed Outside Counsel programs that align cost with a defined risk profile, achieving improved risk management and hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings ranging from 10% – 25%.



Generis Global has redefined the way legal and business support services are delivered.

Our resources are drawn from a global team of more than 2,000 professionals with hands-on experience and access to an uncapped research and development budget. We meld core disciplines into legal-specific solutions: 1) management consulting; 2) process improvement; 3) technology utilization; and 4) data analytics. We not only aid in the design of new approaches, but also offer a worldwide staff that provides ongoing legal, technological and support services.