Financial Advisory

Generis Global turns challenges into opportunities for many leading global financial services companies.

Financial services companies confront a legion of regulatory, compliance, and documentation challenges that often cut across an organization’s legal, business, and technology departments.  We restore seven and eight figures to our clients’ bottom line, mitigate risk, free up their personnel to focus on other core organizational issues, as well as provide budgetary predictability.

Our breadth of expertise, depth of talent, “right shore” delivery capability, capacity to scale, and customized solutions drive significant business impact.

That’s why our GenerisLoan loan closers were ranked the #1 closing team by “Total Securitization and Credit Investment” for five years running. Every year the team settles more than 100,000 loans valued at more than $160 billion.  Additionally, our unique Distressed Debt and Private Equity Trade Documentation Service, GenerisDocs, has delivered legal cost savings of more than 30% per trade for clients, resulting in millions of dollars in additional bottom line client revenue, together with cost predictability through its  fixed, “all in” per trade pricing.

We are market leaders.

Our clients are our focus, whether it is loan trade settlement services, distressed debt and private equity trade documentation, or derivatives support.