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Cyber Risk Solutions

Cybersecurity has emerged as one of the most pervasive and vexing risks in today’s business environment. It is easy to view cybersecurity solely as an IT problem, but it is much more than that. While total protection from cyber threats is impossible to attain, risk can be substantially mitigated by a holistic cyber security program that is Defensible, Actionable, and Adaptive.


Effective solutions require more than the latest “advanced threat” detection technology.

To achieve a meaningful reduction in cyber risk, an organization must apply a converged approach to cybersecurity. This combines a best-in-breed technology with practical human expertise from legal, IT and risk experts to deliver a level of “context-aware” security that traditional IT-centric security firms are unable to provide.


Our approach ensures that you deliver actionable information to your key Stakeholders and meaningfully improve your cyber security posture.

Real-time security monitoring and active threat hunting provided by the Generis Global iSOC can reduce your time to respond to a critical threat by up to 99%.

Early detection and integrated response from Generis Global’s forensic investigation and incident remediation team can reduce the financial impact of an incident by 75% or more.


Generis Global emphasizes human intelligence and advanced analytics to uncover and respond effectively to threats that would otherwise go undetected.

Many undetected threats come from within an organization, not simply from outside. To speed containment, Generis Global analysts can validate and contain identified threats, then serve as a force-multiplier to your team in determining the scope and scale of the damage. They then assist in executing a strategic response and remediation plan that also facilitates legal and regulatory matter management


We combine our people, process, and technology to drive a truly differentiated suite of cyber security solutions.

With greater than 7PB in data hosted and monitored on a monthly basis, and a global team of expert security analysts focused on detection and mitigation, Generis Global is a global leader in intelligent security monitoring and incident response.

The Generis Global cyber investigations team can be on-site anywhere in the world in under 24 hours and has responded to incidents in over 25 countries.

With the ability to analyze and interpret billions of security events every day, the Generis Global iSOC has unsurpassed capacity to identify and mitigate threats to your critical data assets.

For the cost of hiring a single experienced security resource, Generis Global provides an elite corps of professionals to support you every day, anywhere around the world.